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CIB.CIE.MultiCH.Potter My Precious Friend du Hêtre au Loup


MLS-NCCD-IGS-POAG-PK Deficiency : Clear by parentage

Factor VII : Clear

Lafora Epilesy : Clear by parentage


Côme was born on March 2nd 2019 at the breeding. His father is the famous Jonas (Pun Kotzky Gangster Of Love) and his mother is Moka (Miss Hedwige The Snowy Owl de la Meute d'Asterion). His pedigree and his qualities was the reason why he stays at home.

He has participated at some shows where he has had beautiful results. He finish BIS1 at Hound club show in 2019. In Montenegro, he finish Baby Champion.

He obtains a hunting brevet in Germany on september 2020.


International Beauty Champion 2021

International Show Champion 2021

Champion of Luxembourg 2021

Champion of Macedonia 2021

Champion Of Montenegro 2020

Champion Of Bosnia-Herzegovina 2020

Champion of Bulgaria 2020

Baby Champion of Montenegro 2019





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