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For me, the Beagle is first and foremost a pet. If he comes from a good breeder, and you take time to teach him during his youth, he will adapt to all types of lifestyles.

I love this breed's morphology; his athletic body, his expressive head with long ears, his color, all is perfect. He is an verage size so it's not difficult to share family life with him.

To have a Beagle, is to be free. Free to run with him, free to ride bicycle, horse back ride, to go walking. He is always present, ready, never tired, always cheerful. He could be calm and wait for the next cuddly time, play time, activity at any moment of the day.

In my mind, he is the perfect dog.

But, like all dogs, he has a critical period in his evolution in his young age. You must be patient, understanding, consistent. After that, having him is pure happiness.

If you experience trouble with his behaviour it is important to quickly address the problem before your relationship is broken.

We are here to help you in your choice of dog breed, we are happy to answer your questions. You are also welcome to visit our breeding facility.


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