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To buy a puppy in Hetre au Loup breeding is not an insignificant act, it's a LARGE RESPONSABILITY TO INTRODUCE A PUPPY INTO YOUR FAMILY!

A dog is a living being. Before adopting any dog, you must give the consequences some serious thought; you have a DUTY to consider that the puppy will not only bring you joy but will also bring you work and a committment to his/her health and well being.

To buy a Beagle is a 14 year engagement!

This is not just a cute puppy, dogs have a lot of needs. They are a constraint.

You must walk your dog for his vital needs. He also needs play time with humans because he is a social living being who needs social contacts to be well-adjusted and have a good balanced life.

Offering a yard to your puppyfor his vital needs isn't enough, especially for a Beagle who will find any way to escape the yard if his life is not sufficiently stimulating. Beagles are hunting dogs they need to run and explore.

A Beagle will cost you at least 500€ per year just for his daily needs. You must also consider that your puppy/dog could become ill or hurt, and you may have to incur veterinary costs as well.

When one buys a Beagle, it's a commitment FOR THE LIFE of the animal with all of the hazards !

The cost of a puppy purchased from a registered breeder is not expensive when you consider all the work that is put in to the well being and health of the puppy you purchase. We take the utmost care in selecting which Bitches we breed and to which dogs we breed them, their prenatal care, vaccines, deworming, nutrition and overall well being of the dogs and their puppies pre and post partem.

When you buy a puppy from the Hêtre au Loup breeding, you are;
- Guaranteed to have a dog with pedigree (LOF),
- Guaranteed that the puppies have been correctly bred with proper nutrition and care,
- Guaranteed to always have, even after adoption, an assistance in guiding your relationship with your Beagle.

A puppy from the Hetre au Loup breeding is sold in France between 1700€ and more.

To inquire about a specific puppie's price, please contact us.



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