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Platon was born on November 28th 1998 in a small village called Pontpierre. He had 3 brothers and sisters but just one male and Platon have lived through the climatic conditions. Labrador crossbreed, Platon was a perfect mongrel. His mother was an crossbreed between a Cocker and an Breton Spaniel. His father, stray, was perhaps a crossbreed as well (maybe Labrador and Beauceron).

Platon was the most vivacious, playful and curious in his litter. He entered my life on January 22th 1999.
He was the pillar of my Life, my Companion, my driving force.

He died on May 28th 2011. He is in peace and my hell has started...

I wanted to honor him because without him, I will not be, or at least not what I am now. I owe him my life, my courage, my tenacity.

Thank you my Pooch, we'll meet again ...

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